Asylum-Seekers Arrive in Los Angeles Through the Texas Migrant Busing System

This week 42 asylum seekers were sent from Texas to Los Angeles on a bus. Upon arrival, city/county officials and non-profit organizations assisted the individuals with the next steps including health screenings, basic survival necessities, and legal aid as needed.

Texas began sending buses of migrants to L.A. on June 14, 2023, making this trip the 12th. These buses were also sent to other sanctuary cities under Texas’ “Operation Lone Star.”

The program has faced numerous criticisms. Most recently, Los Angeles approved a motion to seek potential legal action over these transportations. One official pointed out concerns over migrants who were sent to California amidst Hurricane Hilary.

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Many individuals and families relocated to California may face uncertainties in establishing their roots here. Work, family separation, and other concerns are extremely prevalent, but with the help of an asylum attorney, these issues can be tackled.

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