Latest Immigration News

Here are some of the things that immigration lawyers and advocates are talking about today.

ICU Nurse’s Husband Facing Deportation: This story is almost unbelievable. A U.S. citizen woman in California spends her days treating COVID-19 patients as an ICU nurse. And she spends her nights trying to prevent her husband from getting deported.

Family Separations: Many people were shocked and horrified when they learned that migrant children were being taken from their parents. Will President Trump and others be held accountable?

Border Wall: Immigration has not been discussed nearly as much this election cycle as it was in 2016. However, President Trump is still saying that Mexico is going to pay for the wall along the U.S.’ southern border.

Punished for Not Cleaning: The Department of Homeland Security and ICE like to say how they treat all detainees with respect and dignity. But court documents suggest that might not be the case – allegations of staff at a privately-run immigrant detention center punishing detainees with solitary confinement for failing to clean the facility without pay.

Supreme Court Hears Immigration Case: Immigration cases are rarely heard by the Supreme Court. This case is largely a legal issue about who has the “burden of proof.” It will certainly be more interesting to immigration lawyers than anybody else, but it could have serious consequences for immigrants who committed even minor crimes.


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