New Pathway to Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants Married to U.S. Citizens

The Biden Administration has announced a new immigration program that will offer legal status to over a million undocumented immigrants who are married to U.S. Citizens and have lived in the United States for at least ten years. The initiative to create viable paths to permanent resident status (green card) for undocumented immigrants will be one of the largest immigration relief programs in recent history. The program will likely face legal challenges, just as DACA and other initiatives have, but is a huge step forward for many.

“Parole in Place” Immigration Program

The “Parole in Place” program will grant deportation protection and work permits to undocumented immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for at least ten years and are currently married to U.S. citizens. The program will also provide a pathway to a green card for undocumented immigrants.

U.S. immigration laws prevent most people who have entered the country illegally from acquiring their green cards within the U.S. They are frequently required to leave the U.S. and apply for an immigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy in their native country. “Parole in Place” will bypass that law and provide around 10% of undocumented immigrants in the United States a pathway to legal residency and eventually U.S. citizenship.




DACA Beneficiaries and DREAMers

The Biden Administration is also planning to help undocumented immigrants who are beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program request waivers to receive work permits more easily. This program currently protects over 530,000 immigrants, who were brought to the United States as children, from deportation. These children are often referred to as “DREAMers” after the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act that preceded DACA.

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If you believe that you may qualify for the “Parole in Place” immigration program, it is recommended to speak with an experienced immigration attorney to discuss your path to a green card, and eventually U.S. citizenship.

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