Permanent Residency Granted After Nearly 20 Years


The path to a green card can be long, winding and filled with uncertainty. But changes to our immigration laws or in someone’s personal life might just make it possible to be granted permanent resident status. Here is the story of a client whose immigration dreams came true after nearly 20 years.

Our client, who we will refer to as Kevin to protect his privacy, entered the United States in early 2002. He came to the U.S. to escape persecution in his home country. He timely applied for asylum and his case was referred to immigration court. The immigration judge found that Kevin was not eligible for asylum but did grant him withholding of removal. “Withholding of removal” is like asylum in that it is based on a person’s fear of returning to their native country and allows them to remain in the U.S., but unlike asylum, it will not ultimately lead to a green card.

Unfortunately for Kevin though, the government appealed his case, and he was ultimately ordered deported from the U.S. Despite the order of deportation though, Kevin continued to reside in the United States. And while residing here, he met and fell in love with his current wife, who was a lawful permanent resident.

In 2012 Kevin retained Reeves Immigration Law Group (RILG) to review his case and evaluate his immigration options. Kevin’s attorney at RILG presented Kevin and wife with a legal strategy that would hopefully result in Kevin being issued his green card. The strategy involved multiple steps – marriage, naturalization, I-130 petition, motion to reopen, etc. Kevin and his wife were stressed and uncertain whether this long, arduous process would work, and if it was even worth the money.

Nevertheless, Kevin and his wife placed their trust in RILG. And they are grateful that they did because Kevin is now a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. It was a long and difficult process for Kevin and his family, which included Kevin being detained and separated from his U.S. citizen children at one point, but Kevin and his family are now ecstatic that his very long journey to obtaining his green card is finally over.


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