President Biden Can End Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy


The Supreme Court has held that President Biden may end Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. This policy had been criticized as cruel and unjust.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden Administration may repeal the Trump Administration’s “Remain In Mexico” policy. During Trump’s time in office, his leadership implemented the clause, which allowed the Department of Homeland Security to send non-Mexican citizens back to Mexico during their pending immigration proceedings.

Many criticized the Trump Administration for this, claiming that the act was xenophobic and discriminatory. Critics particularly commented on just how dangerous such a policy is for asylum seekers, as it is the antithesis of what the U.S. represents for those who are in need of refuge.

The Court found that the ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy could potentially impact refugees in the following ways:

  • Exposing refugees to harmful conditions.
  • Subjecting them to the very environment they are attempting to escape.
  • Disregarding the exceptionally vulnerable sector of refugees (women and children) along with their specific needs.
  • Preventing U.S. citizens from uniting with non-citizen Mexican family members.

Those opposing the policy have argued that it allotted the president far too much diplomatic control over immigration policy and the course of the impacted individual’s life. Fortunately, last week’s hearing releases the power into new administration, serving as a beacon of hope for those who are desperate to make grounds in the U.S. during times of pending applications for asylum.

The Biden administration attempted to previously appeal the policy on several occasions to no avail. Now that they have the power to repeal the policy though, it may present asylum seekers with options. This decision will allow President Biden to propose new policies which allow for refugees to remain in the U.S. while simultaneously adhering to the restrictions of their court proceedings.

The ’Remain in Mexico’ policy wrongfully isolated migrants and constructed unjust boundaries on their existing difficult circumstances. President Biden may now construct a much more reasonable and accommodating structure for migrants fearing for their safety.


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