Ukraine Refugee Updates

In February of 2022, President Biden pledged to welcome 100,000 Ukrainians into the United States, in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Over the past year, an estimated 271,000 were accepted into the country.

A year later, with the war still ongoing, many Ukrainians currently in the U.S., or seeking to come to the U.S. are facing uncertainties surrounding their citizenship. Most who have arrived since 2022 were enrolled in a parole program, entitled ‘Uniting for Ukraine’, which allowed the refugee and their immediate family to temporarily stay and work in the country for two years under the financial support of a U.S. citizen. Other Ukrainians also used tourist visas, refugee status, and other temporary immigration statuses.

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While an update on the Ukrainian refugee situation has yet to be announced, it is important for those impacted to consider other immigration statuses as the two-year timeline is rapidly approaching. Regardless of how you arrived, our team of experienced immigration lawyers will work tirelessly to determine the best next steps.

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