Biden Considering a Deal with Congress to Shut Down the US-Mexico Border

President Biden is working on a deal with Congress that will shut down the US-Mexico border to free up funds for the Ukrainian war.

Biden stated that he would close the border right away if Congress approves the proposed deal. The deal aims to address Republican criticism of his immigration strategies.

Biden has been stressing the need for a bipartisan bill to fix the broken U.S. immigration system. Ideally, the border shutdown would expedite the immigration process for immigrants and foreign nationals hoping to stay here.

Former President Donald Trump has been pressuring the GOP to not go ahead with the border deal because he wants to use the border shutdown policy as a tactic to help him win the 2024 elections.

Biden, however, is not backing down from making a deal with Congress, and hopes to turn the bill into law.

What Will the US-Mexico Border Deal Be?

Biden is attempting to negotiate a deal in which the border will close if 5,000 migrants illegally cross over. The daily number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border exceeded 10,000 in 2023. Since December, there have been almost 250,000 arrests at the US-Mexico border.

This deal would give Biden new emergency authority to close the border.

What Does a Border Shutdown Mean?

Both Democrats and Republicans have concerns about the current immigration influx over the last few years. Asylum-seeking refugee numbers have grown significantly and are moving into cities which do not have the proper resources. 

The border shutdown bill may affect those applying for asylum from their home countries.

Biden is hoping that this bill will give the US time to address the ongoing immigration crisis.  He wants to make citizenship and immigration services more efficient. The goal of the bill is to ensure that the process for lawful permanent residence status will be expedited for those with ongoing asylum cases and immigration cases.

It is recommended for migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers to speak with an immigration attorney. This will help those with immigration cases find out how the border shutdown will affect their immigration status.

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