Texas Votes to Arrest Migrants at the Border

The Texas House of Representatives recently met to approve immigration legislation. One of the bills approved was House Bill 4, which will allow local police to arrest migrants at the border. Texas House Bill 4 passed with a vote of 84-60 and will now be reviewed by the Senate.

If passed by the Senate, those found to be illegally entering the country can be apprehended, arrested, or sent back to their country by Texas police officials, in addition to U.S. Border Patrol agents. As border crossing would be illegal, first-time offenders will face a lesser punishment of a misdemeanor, punishable with up to 180 days in jail. Repeat offenders can face felony charges and up to 2 years in jail.

Consultation with an Experienced Immigration Attorney

The passing of Texas House Bill 4 can have a detrimental impact on migrants seeking to enter the country. To avoid potential criminal charges that can jeopardize one’s status in the future, it is recommended to consult an immigration attorney before attempting to cross the border.

Reeves Immigration Law Group has over four decades of experience advising migrants on all aspects of immigration from visa applications to deportation defense. Our team of experienced immigration attorneys will listen to your needs and formulate an appropriate action plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

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