Chicago Mayor Discusses Immigration as City Shelters Reach Breaking Point

On WBRU radio station, Mayor Brandon Johnson discussed how Chicago is handling and struggling with the immigration crisis this winter.

Temperatures are below freezing, and the city of Chicago is struggling to house the incoming migrant, refugee, and asylum population who are being sent up from the southern border by Texas by Governor Greg Abbott.

Currently, there are over 15,000 migrants in Chicago without permanent homes. With the tough winter, Chicago has been working hard to house and provide support for these families. Emergency shelters, health care screenings, education, vaccines, and work authorization processes are all being initiated to help the migrant community in Chicago.

Mayor Johnson Calls for the Federal Government to Increase Immigration Funding

Mayor Johnson recently met in D.C. with other mayors from all over the United States about the ongoing immigration issues in their cities. Their goal is to push the Biden administration for coordinated federal responses to help with funding.

Municipalities and philanthropic organizations have been helping fund and ensure that migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are receiving the care they need. A quarter of a billion dollars was dedicated to helping new immigrants, but this outlay is taking a huge financial toll on the city.

Mayor Johnson is calling on Congress for a coordinated federal response for more funding for migrants. He argues that it is not sustainable for local economies to continue to fund the immigration crisis.

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