Federal Appeals Court Hears Asylum Lawsuit Over Trump and Biden’s ‘Metering’ Border Policy

Recently a federal appeals court heard arguments in an asylum case surrounding an unjust border policy.

The lawsuit examines the Trump and Biden initiative referred to as “queue management” or “metering” which is a tactic employed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents to physically bar migrants from crossing the U.S-Mexico border, thus halting their ability to receive asylum. Though used previously, this tactic significantly increased in 2018 when the Trump administration ordered the Department of Homeland Security to integrate “metering” at all ports of entry.

In 2017, advocates on behalf of immigrants affected by this policy, filed a claim alleging harm faced by those unfairly turned away from the border under this tactic. A judge ruled the tactic was illegal.

Under the 1986 Immigration and Naturalization Act, individuals have the right to seek asylum—a right many feel is threatened by “metering”. The San Diego Court of Appeals is seeking to examine the lawfulness of “metering” with respect to this act.

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