Eric Welsh Speaks to Vox on the Expiration of the Title 42 Policy

Eric Welsh was recently quoted in Vox’s article “Title 42 is over. Immigration policy is still broken,” which examines the implications of the end of the COVID-19-induced immigration policy, and the rights migrants have currently.

With the reversion to Title 8, the Biden administration is predicted to regulate asylum–likely requiring individuals crossing the border to first apply in a third country. Eric explains, “What Biden is probably going to do, and it seems almost inevitable, is to put into place a policy that Trump put into place before Title 42 [and] before the pandemic that required asylum-seekers to seek asylum in Mexico if they were coming across the southern border before entering the United States.”

The anticipated surge in migration from the expiration of Title 42, also raises concerns over the ongoing relocation of migrants in the U.S. with politicians in Florida, Texas, and New York City resorting to bussing individuals out of their jurisdictions. Though, migrants legally have the right to live anywhere in the country. Eric tells Vox, “There is no rule that controls movement within the United States for somebody who is not incarcerated.”

The full article can be found below.
Title 42 is over. Immigration policy is still broken.


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