First DACA, Now A Green Card


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been life-altering for countless people. Especially for one client of Reeves Immigration Law Group, who started with DACA and was recently granted permanent resident status (green card).

DACA was enacted in 2012 to assist undocumented immigrants who had been brought to the United States as children. President Obama decided that these children were not the ones who decided to live in the U.S. without authorization, so they should not be punished by being forced to return to their country of birth, which by the way, they may not have any memories of if they were brought to the U.S. at an especially young age.

Hundreds of thousands of young people have benefited from DACA. Perhaps none of them have benefited more than Marcus*, a client of Reeves Immigration Law Group (RILG). Marcus was 12-years-old when his parents told him they were going to the United States from the Philippines. Part of him was excited for his new adventure, but another part of him was sad to leave his friends behind for a strange new place. But as a 12-year-old child, he did what his parents told him to do.

Marcus’ life in the U.S. had its ups and downs. He got a great education and had a bright future, but his whole family was also ordered deported to the Philippines. Facing immediate deportation, Marcus knew his whole life could be turned upside down any day. But then he got a miracle – DACA!

Marcus applied as soon as he possibly could. And before long, he was able to legally get a job, he was able to get a driver’s license, etc. And perhaps most importantly, he was no longer facing imminent deportation to the Philippines.

Marcus made the most of his second chance in the U.S. He began working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse with plans to continue his education and become a Registered Nurse. He also met his soulmate, who happened to be a U.S. citizen. After marriage, Attorney Devin Connolly, a senior partner of RILG, was able to successfully reopen Marcus’ prior court case. And after the court case was reopened, Marcus was then able to be granted his green card.

It has a long journey for Marcus. Brought to the U.S. as a young boy, and after being raised here and becoming an “American,” he was in jeopardy of being sent back to the Philippines. But once Marcus was granted DACA, he was given a second chance in this country. And he absolutely made the most of it. Because without DACA, it is very possible Marcus never would have been in the U.S. long enough to meet his wife or get his green card.

*Please note that we have changed our client’s name to protect his privacy.


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